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At Lil' Peas & Sprouts, we provide a safe, nurturing education for your child.

Core Values:

A Safe place to grow:

School and learning environment setting

Social & Emotional Support:

Teachers dedicated to ensuring your child is happy and challenged every day

Academic Success:

The first school experience for your child, beginning in infants, filled with laughter, play, & new skills taught every day

Infant Program

Within our your baby special attention with: a daily feeding, changing and nap time schedule, low infant to teacher ratios, sensory development, and a loving environment for them to thrive.

Our Infant Room teachers introduce stories and songs. A typical day includes a little sunshine and some fresh air — with outdoor playtime, weather permitting. We plan activities to help and support infants in each stage of their critical development. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful with just the right amount of stimulation during awake periods. We clap. We crawl. We play. We comfort. We cuddle. We . We keep you informed, so we document everything your baby does throughout the day. At the end of each day, we give you a full daily infant report of what we observed.

Toddler Program

19 months to 24 months, our toddler program provides low toddler to teacher ratios, language development, and gross motor skills through song, rhyme and dramatic play. Our loving experienced childcare provider also offers potty training for your young one.

Our days are full and include fun, active and quiet play periods. Toddlers practice picking up their own toys, sharing with friends, washing their hands and the process of potty training begins. Daily activities include learning songs, dancing to music, enjoying outside play, working on puzzles and reading picture books. Toddlers also begin to tap their fine and gross motor skills by way of various activities that jump start their cognitive, emotional, physical and social skills.


During this age, our Scholastic's Big Day curriculum is introduced to the preschool classroom. Children will develop phonemic awareness, character value, and grow socially and emotionally.

We feature safe, creative and stimulating environments for the children. Each classroom center has been carefully designed to make each child feel welcome and comfortable, along with many fun and interesting activities that invite exploration.

Classroom support students' early learning and exploration through engaging, age-appropriate materials and displays and encourage pride in work by displaying projects.

Classrooms are divided into learning centers to provide children an opportunity for engaging learning across content areas.

Exposure to new, classic, and enriching picture books as well as opportunities to retell favorite stories give children a love of books before they even start reading.

Pre-writing skills start with and are enhanced by opportunities to experiment with writing in preschool writing centers.

Children playing learn valuable lessons in sharing and cooperation while interacting together on the playground.

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